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People with congenital heart disease how to maintain the body


For congenital heart disease, once diagnosed, to early treatment, maintenance, reasonable arrangements recommended daily life, it is necessary to exercise, improve the body’s resistance, but also proper rest and avoid overwork; high protein, high calorie, rich in fiber diet, increased physical fitness, to avoid fullness; to avoid emotional and reduce unnecessary stimulation, should not increase the burden on the heart.

Forties, men how to care for the body


Proper diet, limit alcohol quit smoking, adequate exercise, mental balance, the law of life.
Eat a good staple food of more patients with diabetes
Many diabetic patients that had diabetes, is to “eat less, more bite.” Often hear patients say, “I only eat vegetables, eat the staple food”, and some said, “I now eat very little, as much as a bite,” and so on.
In fact, that the “staple food to eat as little as possible with diabetes,” This view is not only wrong, but also bring adverse consequences. (more…)

Why the modern people need to keep health


Modern in a very stressful environment, do not make good eating, not sleeping well, environmental pollution, the air is not fresh, the body basically in healthy condition, and everyone has a different system, if the parents when you were pregnant not properly conditioning the body, the body will give birth to children with congenital weak, so we need to acquired the health, your physical health can be maintained at a more balanced state, can enhance our immunity, so we have less illness, if the body is not good, but also to take good care of the body for the job like my dad a lot of product is entertainment, no way, should be drinking, and now poor physical condition, ah, so I will help him to restore his health, such as drinking eat something before the wine, honey or drink is to drink vinegar, usually cook some things Liver names for him, so the body will be a lot better, when you consider that these measures do not do that, your body because you are poor habits, a loss will be great, you health, and will be able to balance its harm, health, and you loss, in the end you’ll regret not to take care of their bodies, so health is very important, very important, I hope You must attach great importance, I am not kidding, we must attach importance to health.

Male menopause how to care for the body


Health of our traditional thinking

1, remember: sleep is the first element of health. Sleep time should be 21:00 ~ 3:00. Because this time is a day of winter, winter, the main reservoir, do not hide in winter, spring and summer is not long, that is, not the spirit of the first 2 days.

Humid climate, how to maintain the body


During the rainy little make-up
Into the rainy season for the air hot and active fungi, some sensitive people are more susceptible to physical stimulus onset.
Cosmetics at this time may become allergens in the users face, leaving a red-point.
Huangmei days in public so as not to make-up, to avoid allergies. If you find yourself grow a little rash, do not use hot water, soap and cleaning, to prevent exacerbations.

Regular drinkers how to maintain the body


1) Ordinary people in the wine market are generally acidic majority, the phrase “acidic body is the source of sickness”, so pay attention to acid-base balance of the diet, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, mushrooms, seaweed, tea, beans and soy products and other basic foods to neutralize the excess acidic substances in the body. Only into the acidic food (meat, poultry, eggs, fish and shrimp, rice, flour) and adult basic foods (vegetables, fruits, milk, tea, algae, almond) with a good ratio of 1:4, ie one meat, four vegetables, only to acid-base balance.

the male star how to maintain the body


Said it nicely
That they are very tenacious perseverance
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Is that they can sometimes do the same as the girls skin care products
But the maintenance of white boys is not surprising
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Maintenance of the body’s recommendations in the autumn and winter season


Suffering from gastrointestinal diseases, with special attention to the upper abdomen warm, to prevent stomach pain caused or aggravated an old disease. Large abdominal injury to women cold, autumn and winter do not wear the best clothes belly exposed.

Health experts recommend: the season of the diet to restore the Yin and moistening should be appropriate, in the diet should eat less spicy, fragrant dry, BBQ and other food, should eat more sesame, walnut, white fungus, carrots, tomatoes, lotus root, milk, lily, Radix, which are Yin and moistening, the role of stomach fluid and food, increased attention to chicken, duck, beef, liver, fish, shrimp, jujube, Chinese yam, etc. in order to increase physical fitness; Eat spicy products , such as pepper, ginger, onion, garlic class, due to excessive eating spicy sex fluid should hurt the human body. Meanwhile, the Interior to maintain a certain humidity, pay attention to add water, eat Sydney, bananas, cantaloupe, apples, grapes and other fruits.

People over 30 years of age how to care for the body


How to maintain

Currently, the market has a lot of books on maintenance, various seminars are often held. A variety of argument, so we know what to do; and some companies, for their own products, do misleading propaganda.
In fact maintenance is not complicated. The biggest difference between man and machine, that human beings have self-repair functions: a person has a hand wound will slowly grow well, this is the self-repair. Thus, according to the characteristics of the human body, maintaining two levels: first, to give a balanced nutrition; Second, through conditioning, activation of self-repair.

Train crew how to care for the body


1. Must be reasonable enough sleep!
2. Breakfast is good, clever dinner (day activities of the energy, to * Breakfast available.
Nutritionists recommend to eat breakfast, rich in protein, such as fruit, bread and milk.
At the breakfast, soup or vegetable juice energy drink can replenish their strength, but can not be sustained, and physical energy quickly exhausted. Should be supplemented with protein, like beans or whole wheat bread and other staples, the body can provide sufficient energy. (more…)