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Acidic food


The so-called acidic foods does not mean it tastes, like vinegar, yogurt, etc. Although the taste of vinegar, but they are very good basic food. The human body is in alkaline state is necessary, not acidic. So to eat some basic food.
The acidic foods to eat more, not only will the body to produce more free radicals, but also to speed up the rate of oxidation of the body, the body skin, uneven skin tone, there spot, pox, etc., even for long so make the body sick. (more…)

12 foods to help sleep


1, vinegar hypnosis
2, sugar hypnosis
3, milk hypnosis
4, fruit hypnosis
5, bread hypnosis
6, millet hypnosis
7, Xianou hypnosis
8, sunflower hypnosis
9, lotus hypnosis
10, jujube hypnosis
11, lettuce hypnosis
12, to promote sleep drink

Lack of sleep, the body how to maintain it


These are lack of sleep, energy food supplement:

Millet: In all the grains, millet, the most abundant tryptophan. In addition, millet contains large amounts of starch, food and clothing after eating a sense of easy to produce, can stimulate insulin secretion, increase the number of tryptophan into the brain.

Walnut: Clinically, walnut been shown to improve sleep quality, so often used to treat neurasthenia, insomnia, memory, dreams and other symptoms. Specific way of eating is accompanied by black sesame, mash, 15 grams at bedtime, the effect is obvious.

the most health of several vegetables on the autumn



Bu pigment content is much higher than other vegetables, ascorbic acid, although less than the chili was higher than the tomato, spinach contains a hemostatic effect of vitamin K is highest in leafy vegetables; rich riboflavin, but also to prevent mouth ulcers and lip inflammation, glossitis, dermatitis role.

Pregnant women Like to eat tofu,what’s the matter?


Analysis of data showed that, 100 grams of tofu can provide 138 North mg of calcium, 63 mg magnesium, 12.2 grams of protein. So, as long as eating 200 grams of tofu to meet calcium requirements 1 day / 3. Tofu is soy essence. The soybean is rich in nutrients, the body can provide soybean hectogram nearly 40 grams of protein, is 2 times of lean pork, eggs 3 times, 12 times the milk, fish and more than 2 times, especially for pregnant women diet. Eat tofu should pay attention to science with the most scientific way with the following:

How to see if it is fresh liver? How to select liver.


Liver rich in nutrition, taste quite good, very popular among food lovers. A pink pig liver, liver surface, Ma liver, liver stones, dead pig liver, pig liver of the sub-irrigation. The first two is superior, the middle two the second, the latter two are inferior.
Powder of liver, liver surface: quality are soft and tender, finger a little harder, can be inserted into incision, after the delicious cooked, tender. Differences, the former color of chicken livers, which red ocher color.
Ma liver: a clear white negative network networks, hand-cut at the touch powder as the liver, liver surface soft and tender, after the quality of cooked and tough, chew. (more…)

How to maintain the quality system of the cold


Quality system is not necessarily cold cold, cold constitution and the general dry skin, acne is easy, and not eat meat these, insomnia, nervous tension, air-conditioning in the summer will feel cold, never exercise. Chinese medicine, cold and heat divided the real and imaginary, if you want to eat Chinese, then the best medicine let professional examination, and then prescribe the right medicine can eat mutton cold foods such heat, often with hot feet and promote blood circulation.

Yi Shi food: warm sweet Sim, and dispelling the cold and the role of the stomach with warm food, such as indica rice, lamb, chicken, tripe, pork belly, chain fish, grass carp, litchi, pepper, leek, fennel Levin, mustard, cinnamon , ginger, ginger, pepper, pepper, cumin, white Kou, brown sugar and so on.

Honey is an excellent food and health care products


Honey is an excellent food and health care products. However, there are a wide variety of honey on the market for consumers, there is no certain knowledge, it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity of honey, advantages and disadvantages. I identify here are some tips for the quality of honey.
First of all, from the appearance observation, pure quality fresh honey is sticky, transparent or translucent gelatinous liquid, sweet, with a relatively strong smell of flowers. When the ambient temperature is below 10 ℃, or the honey place for too long, easy to form solid crystals. Because honey bee species vary greatly in different colors, from water white (almost colorless) to dark (dark brown). Light colored honey is often the species, its taste and smell better. Therefore, the color of honey, both can be used as a basis for classification of honey can also be used as one of the indicators to measure the quality of honey. (more…)

How to identify honey


I know the identification method:
See: pure honey is thick, viscous colloidal liquid, glowing, all kinds of honey, a fixed color, such as the linden tree honey is light amber, clear, translucent, sunflower honey is amber, the color of honey mixed not fixed, usually red and yellow. Exert oneself with chopsticks stir in the honey a few times, brought chopsticks can be observed in the light of pure honey, light and transparent, and adulterated honey turbid. Honey and light really strong, uniform color; poor quality honey turbidity and impurities. Light amber honey with a new and transparent as authentic. Add boiling water, stir the honey to melt slightly and no precipitation were as good honey; poor honey is not easy to melt, and there is precipitation. (more…)

For night owl how to eat?


Night owl, the first thought is to drink coffee or tea refreshing, nutritionists said, caffeine does make people spirits.

However, the U.S. St. Luke’s Hospital (St.Luke ‘sHospital) Sleep Medicine Research Center, was found to enhance the efficiency of caffeine is not necessarily valid, even useful, but also to maintain only a short time.