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How to improve children’s immunity


First, pay attention to children’s cold, do not wear too hot, cold and let him have the appropriate training. Do not want the child, cold, and more importantly, be careful not to let a child at any time with the heat. Some kids have been wearing much is the winter, but also sweat clothes all day, all day wear sweaty underwear, how could he not cold yet. ancients said: “I want children safe, must hunger and cold 3”, is the truth. (more…)

How to improve a child’s resistance


What is resistance? That human resistance to foreign substances (such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites) the ability of invasion, including the immune system and physical state. We organized to protect their own body functions, will produce a foreign body in the power of exclusion of immunization responsiveness is mainly dominated by the lymphatic system. the body’s immune system is divided into cellular and humoral immunity, cellular immunity is the defense of our Men, including neutrophils, lymphocytes and macrophages and other white blood cells; and humoral immunity, including immunoglobulin protein, complement proteins and chemicals, which is white blood cells to fight pathogens tool. (more…)

How can you tell what kind of honey is good?


According to Mr. Zhong Yiming Beijing Institute bee said, honey, there are three general means of fraud: One is to use sugar water and sulfuric acid were rendered, the role of the acid solution to the two sugar molecules into simple sugars glucose counterfeit honey; the other is caramel, honey, syrup, etc. to impersonate; Third, the use of food crops processed into syrup (also called fructose syrup) as honey. Honey is also false false elements added thickeners, sweeteners, preservatives, flavors and pigments and other chemical substances, not only damages the economic interests of consumers, contribute to undermining the health of consumers. (more…)

Cause of rheumatoid arthritis


Is a cause of various rheumatic diseases and pathology of complex diseases. Clinical treatment with a single difficult to obtain satisfactory results. To cure shall be heterozygous (ie, combined therapy), the choice of treatment should be combined with control samples, combining prevention, medical treatment combined with the principles of self. Will penetrate into the treatment of prevention, nursing and other segments. In medicine: medical food source and also has the taste of food, some food but also drugs, used properly, can prevent and cure diseases, clean? Wang Meng said: “The very simple diet drugs, sex the most peaceful, taste is not bad Easy to do in fashion. “comprehensive treatment is the key to treatment of rheumatism rheumatoid arthritis following a variety of ways (more…)

How do you know what I have to drink tea


Depending on your physical condition may be a
Cold body to drink warm tea, such as tea, black tea, etc., can also be Tieguanyin
Cool the body to drink hot tea, a variety of green tea can

How to deal with smokers, to protect ourselves


Our company owner and driver special ability to smoke, about 10 packets a day two, two large ashtrays should take full, our office in poor air flow. I suffer, how to effectively protect themselves against 2 hand smoke damage.
Where I spent a month in lung pain Jiqiu solution.

Best answer

Your suggestion of a people who are addicted to smoking, that is nonsense! (Do not get angry! I also have this experience)
Try not to get them in an office, and if not, I suggest that you quit! ! !
Only one life, not because of work, affecting their health! ! ! !

How do students self-protection of the health


Healthy diet, junk food refusal
Smoking does not drink
20 minutes of exercise time per day should be
More distant or green look
Plants to move out at night
More oranges and watermelon
Do not look yellow, terror, violence books
Cream-made products less consumption.

Protection of health problems at work all night


The first point is to note that leisure time exercise more
Second, not too much sleep, except to go to work every day is not sleeping
The third function of all aspects of the living body must be balanced or else it gets sick
The fourth night, the best attention to wind and temperature

What measures should be taken in summer to protect health?


Summer diet should be light, dampness with heat effects can eat foods such as mung bean porridge, lotus leaf porridge, red bean porridge, etc., or with melon and lotus leaves, total barley soup drink. To many windows open for ventilation.

Summer day short night, many people sleep late, get up late, the clock disrupted. Only to ensure adequate sleep in order to maintain the normal operation of the function of the body. Summer sleep health should conform to the laws of nature, yin yang. Get up early, take a nap, you can make up for lack of sleep. Recommends that adults 7 hours a day to ensure high-quality sleep.

Strongest in the history of the “stop hiccups way”


This is a traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture points —- Spontaneous

Most people have to wait a long time before belching disappeared, people are suffering. Now provides a way to quickly stop the hiccups for your reference ..