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Anatomy and Health Conditions in Interactive 3D – BioDigital Human


A better way to understand health and the human body.
The BioDigital Human is a virtual 3D body that brings to life thousands of medically accurate anatomy objects and health conditions in an interactive Web-based platform

How to maintain the health of hepatitis B


Diet was mainly alcohol and avoid spicy foods, such as “Do not eat chicken, lamb, seafood,” no scientific basis to say more; avoid over exertion, away from the chemical toxins, drugs used with caution especially for liver damage drugs. Abnormal liver function, disease activity should pay attention to rest, eating light, balanced nutrition. Make the body you have a few recipes
Cod fish soup radish roll
Ingredients: 500 grams of carrots, 300 grams of cod (supermarket sales, ready-made thin pieces), 3 slices of ginger, coriander and spring onions 2 garlic pepper, rice wine a little different. (more…)

Miscarriage. . How to maintain the body? ?


These are the need to do the following, the main thing is to rest, but also psychologically, to restore, do not always live in the shadow of abortion.

Note after abortion

1. Try to stay in bed for 2 to 3 days, avoid strenuous exercise, less reading newspapers and television.
2, after 2 weeks, do not do heavy physical labor. (more…)

Six winter skin care


1, keeping the skin moist, Science bath

Avoid bathing in winter there are four: avoid too frequently, avoid the water too hot, avoid rubbing too heavy, avoid alkaline soap is too strong, otherwise, can easily damage the skin surface had much sebum, the skin is more dry, and thus more fat itching, chapped. Baths 1-2 times per week is appropriate. Rub some licorice after bath oil, anti-itching cream, skin ointment, to keep the skin moist and prevent the skin surface dry and fall off.

How to use essential oils to do the winter maintenance of the body


Recommended Garden Floral scents of essential oils in Australia, very good.

Prepared a bottle of your own aromatherapy massage oil, bath body care lotion as a smear after it is saving time and enjoy great value with aromatic effect.

How to maintain the middle-aged body


Into middle age, physical function when started from the heyday of youth gradually decline, the pressure of life unprecedented large: the people of this age are usually not only the pressure of work, still there are old, under a small stage, marriage also entered the seven-year itch in time, will often feel tired. In fact, there are ways to adjust, the first open heart, to treat themselves at the pressure conversion, to enjoy the family warmth, Society and sensible The children growing up communication, care of elderly parents kindly, understanding, profound feelings of his wife for perspective. Meanwhile, we must adhere to the exercise, the exercise as a pleasure, you can go out with my family more fun activities, and even a simple walk, which increase the feelings of the body by exercise. Second, eat appropriate health care products, maintenance of your body is still necessary. want to be healthy!!

Health workers work Medley


Slow breathing Qigong interest rate adjustment method, work, home, ready to do for workers of all ages.

Seeking song straight (sit-power)
* Sat down, not * back, relax your hands As the natural leg, the breathing mix thoroughly;
* Inhale slowly to the nose, make a fist, fist upward placed the body on both sides of the heart;
* Toggle, chest, back straight, head thrown back;
* Then the nose and breathe down the neck hand waist, his hands slowly open;
* Hands down, the first return, restore the original position, body relaxed.
Reminder: Every time practice 7 times a day to practice 3 to 4 back. Exercise to maintain stability, Chiang Kai-shek, easy, gentle movements, half-way to breath, can not hold your breath.

Men maintenance body, from diet to exercise.


First, good breakfast, dinner Qiao

Day activities of the energy, to * Breakfast available.
Nutritionists recommend to eat breakfast, rich in protein, such as fruit, bread and milk.
At the breakfast, soup or vegetable juice energy drink can replenish their strength, but can not be sustained, and physical energy quickly exhausted. Should be supplemented with protein, like beans or whole wheat bread and other staples, the body can provide sufficient energy. (more…)

Healthy middle-aged “5 is not” taboo:


A work does not stay up all night: and middle-aged, due to heavy workload, especially the culture, health, education, journalism and various mental person, from time to time, proper to open burn the midnight oil, the next break to add strength to the body not there will be much hindered.

If you work long recklessly, life long staying up late, it may cause excessive tension due to the nervous system, resulting in a nervous breakdown, ulcer disease, hypertension, coronary heart disease.

I am 17 this year, two of Tianyi back masturbation, sperm increasingly rare


Do not be so often, and usually it is the performance of over-indulgence, the main component of sperm is prostatic fluid, thinning of the reason is because there’s sperm less.
Although this did not affect the body, but over-indulgence is on the living body is very good, people will dizziness, memory loss, and so a series of symptoms. Normally, a Monday, the two should be no problem.