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2011-11-27 at 08:20 pm hugege
What is Tripomatic?
Imagine someone crossed the functionality of Google Maps with the travel romance of Lonely Planet. It offers the uninspired traveller ideas of things to do and sights to see in their chosen destination(s). As they plan their days using maps, sight images and information, Tripomatic helps them build their perfect, totally customisable trip, adding all their favourite ideas straight into their personalised, printable itinerary and displaying their routes on the map. I know you interviewed Wanderfly founders recently, but Tripomatic does a different job.

Why now?
Glad you asked – Tripomatic has been launched only a few months ago and has just been declared winner of the Webexpo Startup Show 2011, Prague. And first feedbacks from users sound amazing as well!

Why don’t you try too? It’s really quick and you’ll get a great impression of its features and fun in less than 3 mins.

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  2. good,very good

  3. it’s cool, but no android version.

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