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foursquare – meet up with friends and discover new places

Join foursquare to meet up with friends and discover new places

See where your friends are, learn about the places they frequent, and unlock rewards as you travel.
(more…) – talk with the world

What is
A Conversation Network (more…) – A custom profile & personal analytics dashboard

We designed for ourselves

A lot of us have multiple online profiles scattered across various services, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, and Twitter. And one problem we face is pulling all of this information together to build a single on-line identity — be it for personal use, or to create a professional on-line profile. We’ve focused on enabling you to:

Minus – Share simply

About Minus

Sharing is universal. We created Minus to make sharing pictures, documents, music, videos and files fast, easy, and fun. Minus lets you drag files from your desktop and folders directly to your browser to start sharing. For more information on using Minus, please see our FAQ.

ShoppyBag - Your friends. Your styles. Great prices.

ShoppyBag is a new way to shop with friends.

* See what your friends are shopping for,
* get new style ideas & share awesome finds with each other!

* Shopping is always more fun with friends,
* and now you can do it whenever you want.

* ShoppyBag is free to join, but is
* by invite only.
* Ask a friend to invite you. – Fast beautiful photo sharing for your iPhone

When we were kids we loved playing around with cameras — we loved how all the old Polaroid cameras marketed themselves as “instant” (something we take for granted today). We also felt that the snapshots people were taking were kind of like telegrams in that they got sent over the wire to others — so we figured why not combine the two?

Instagram came from that inspiration—could we make sharing your life as instant and magic as those first Polaroid pictures must have felt? Our first product is Instagram for iPhone, and we’re just getting started. – Share your images / photos / pictures / image / photo / picture

2011-01-28 is a one-click easy image sharer, perfect if you want to upload an image to show your friends or link from other sites. Just choose a file to upload and we give it a place to call home.

Fiverr – The place for people to share things theyre willing to do for $5

The place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5
Buy. Sell. Have fun. (more…)

picplz – mobile photo sharing for iPhone and Android

Upload photos quickly and easily

picplz offers a simple way to take photos and upload them in just a few clicks. It’s easy to add a caption, tag your location and check in. Connect and share with your Twitter, Facebook and more.

Interspire - Shopping Cart Software Ecommerce Software

Interspire is a privately owned company which develops content management, shopping cart, knowledge management and email marketing software used by more than 40,000 organizations worldwide including fortune 500 companies (Intel, Shell, GE), enterprise organizations (Virgin, Ubisoft, and also thousands of small/medium businesses and digital agencies.