How Can You Get Around A School Web Blocker Besides Using Https?

2010-02-24 at 03:27 am hugege

My school’s web blocker used to never be able to block https but now whenever I try to go on the facebook https site it says it cannot connect to the website. The blocker doesn’t do anything, it just cannot connect. Does anyone have any insight as to why this is?

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  1. Tramp 3:48

    School is for learning. You do not need to do anything on MySpace or Facebook that pertains to your education. There are no educational benefits on Facebook, MySpace or any of those other “off topic” websites you are trying to get on. Use the school computers for schoolwork and save the entertainment for when you get home. If you cannot abide by your school’s computer usage policy, then you need to get off and let someone else use the computer for their education.

  2. Chris =)

    we have this at our school. 2 ways. 1. Use a proxy server, dont ask why it just fixes it google them and theres loads, 2. open word at home, load up the site copy the addy then paste it onto word then save it to your pen drive. at skool stick the pen drive in the comp open up the word file and way hay !!

  3. Ankit

    you just need new proxy websites daily there’s nothing more you can do
    you can get new proxies delivered to your mailbox from
    apart from that you can try browsing through
    its a brand new proxy as i received it in my mailbox yesterday itself and it works as fast as some paid proxy.
    if you need more proxies you can get 100’s of more proxies from

  4. Nsome

    use it allows you to search through their site

  5. 3\/4/\/

    none of these work!!!!!! >:(

  6. I’d like to make a suggestion? I think that youve got a little something very good right here. But suppose you added a number of links to a web page that backs up just what you’re saying? Or perhaps you could give us something to take a look at, a specific thing that would associate what you’re declaring to some thing concrete? Just a suggestion.

  7. Da Proxy Lightspeed

    use its a ssl proxy that hAS A 99.9 PERCENT chance of working

  8. Waggy
  9. Woof, Woof

    Hey tramp go bark elsewhere people like you are the problem not the solution free access should be allowed everywhere.

  10. Necron

    @Tramp 3:48
    TEACHER ALERT!!!!!!!

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