How Does One Blog To Their Own Web Site?

2010-02-03 at 09:47 pm hugege

I know, it’s a stupid question. I registered a web domain the other day. The purpose of this web site will be to host a blog I’ll do.
I know how to blog, where they give you the space on their site, but how do I do the blog so it will show up on my website?

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  1. BizShari

    Domain name is just the website name. To host a blog your need hosting space. If you looking for free blog space one option is by using the Google’s blogger platform.…

  2. Kosher NinjaChick JPA

    Where are you hosting the web site? You can host on blogger, or wordpress, for example, and then it’s easy, you just post your blog entries just as you would for an ordinary blog 🙂
    If you have the domain name but no actual host for your website, that’s what you need to sort out before you start blogging – best of luck with it!

  3. DX

    Well theres a million things you have to know about building a website. So the main questions are:
    1) Do you know any of the Web Design programs such as: Dreamweaver, Front Page, etc.?
    2) If yes to question one, google… “Free Blog on Web Site” and so forth. There are tons of software that you can add to your site. You must know coding, etc.
    3) If you don’t know question 1…then you must pay someone to implement this onto your site, from there, they’ll have a log in screen that you can log on and your all set.

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