Order not to go out attention

2009-02-08 at 09:23 am hugege

Such as the shoulder must carry laptop bags, backpacks positive in the letters “city express”

For medium-sized portable carry bag, please write “pipeline dredge”

For large-scale bar to bring a suitcase, please write “professional cleaning”

For to carry large amounts of cardboard boxes, please write “fast-food business”

Wallet to write “paper disinfection”

MP3 on his chest layer of paper, a letter “Jiuxin pill”

If found to carry more precious things, the best have a chicken, the words “carefully avian flu”

If BAG valuable, please use a black bag wrapped

And write: XX company hydropower construction blueprints and architectural structure of the 10 sets of

Such as the portable peer-beauty posted in one of its forehead “Shemale”

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