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Can You Update A WordPress Blog From Any Computer?


I want to get into blogging, and I hear WordPress is the better way to go. However, I see that you have to download software from WordPress to create a blog with them. My question is, after you have the blog up and running, can you update the blog from any internet-connected computer or do you have to do it from a computer running the software?

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How Do I Allow Google To Index My WordPress Blog?


When i set the blog up, I had indexing turned off because I needed to import a ton of content. I thought I turned it back on by going to Settings/Privacy/Blog Visibility, but i just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a separate spidering setting that I am missing.

How To Put A Custom Layout On A WordPress Blog ?


Hey does anybody out there know how to put a custom made layout on a wordpress blog ? Cause I just recently made this blog and I wanted to put a layout on it but IDK how, I would rather it be a custom made one instead of the default ones on the website.

How Do I Set Up A Second WordPress Blog When WordPress Is Already Installed?


I installed WordPress using Fantatisco in my cpanel and created a blog. I want to create a second wordpress blog. Do I have to install WordPress again.

What Are The Most Popluar Blog Sites Besides WordPress And Blogspot?


I know about live journal but are there anymore besides these I would love to start a blog but I want to view my options first 🙂

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How And Why Should I Put A Sitemap In My WordPress Blog?


Is their any value in adding a site-map to a blog. Will it get me better recognition on web search tools?

How Do I Make A New WordPress Blog On My Server?


I had somebody make the first blog, but now I want to make a new blog from scratch. Do I make a new database? And install wordpress again? I hope I’m being clear. Thanks!

How Do I Get Videos From Youtube Onto A WordPress Blog?


I need to now how to copy and paste or whatever videos from youtube to a wordpress blog! DO I save it in fav’s then upload it or what?

How Do I Make My WordPress Blog Have An Rss Feed?


I would like to syndicate my Wodpress blog, so that people can read it in Google reader or any other RSS reader.
I didn’t see any settings in the wp-admin area of WordPress and none of the plugins I searched for seemed to be applicable. How do people normally turn their blog pages into RSS feeds?

How To Change Blog Settings On My WordPress Account?


I have a free wordpress blog, and I want to display the first few paragraphs of my most recent posts, with a read more button to go to the post.
If it’s possible I want the most recent post to be the full post, then when a new post is made, it gets shortened to the paragraph. And the most recent post becomes the full post.