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How Can I Make Money With My Blog? Thousands Persons Are Visiting It?


I just made a Blog and now realizing that thousands people are visiting it. I am banned from Adsense. How can I make money out of it? I just posted a counter to prove the visits. Should I counter advertising companies and see if they are interested to post in my site?

How To Develope Web Applications In Regional Language With Google Code ?


I am new to computer programming, I am interested to making web applications in tamil language. I am choosing GOOGLE CODE as resource. Please anyone help to me.. Tell me about the video tutorials and documentation and the thing that is need to develop web apps..

How Do I Utilize My Built In Web Camera With Messenger?


I have a hp notebook with a built in web camera. I have downloaded yahoo messenger and am trying to have my web camera available to some viewers. I click on messenger and then I click on “my web camera”, but it doesn’t come up, (it has a few times before).then another window opens with my contacts name and displays the message that “I’m wanting to view them on their camera” How do I utilize my web camera?

Web Site With Recipes For Easy, Healthy Take-along Lunch For Work?


I keep finding sack lunch web sites for kids, but that’s not quite what I’m looking for. I’m looking for quick, healthy ideas for things I can make ahead of time and pack easily for work – without having to spend a lot of money on pre-made food. I’m a single mom with 3 kids and I need to quit eating out so often!

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How Do You Associate Contacts With Your Facebook Friends On The Motorola Droid?


I’m fine w/ manually associating the contacts with the facebook friends, it actually sync-ed up a couple of my friends based on the phone number I’m sure, but I want to know how to just associate them with the contact. Thanks!

How Do I Get My Blog Busy With Information And Links?


I have a blog and I want to have other blogs linked to mine and so forth. How do I do that?

How To Make A Web Graphic With A Transparent Background?


How can I make a web graphic with a transparent background in photoshop? I tried File > Save for web > PNG-24 with transparency checked but when I publish the image in my web page a colored background (#dfdbdc) appears. I have also tried Help > Export Transparent Image , but it did not help.
I appreciate if anyone advise .

How Do You Add A Background To Your Blog With Blogger?


I’ve seen a lot of blogs and they have all these backgrounds with their own templates. I’m wondering how to create your own template and add it ro your blog? because like There isnt a way to upload your own image to your blog and set it as your background and its just so frustrating. Plz help!

How Do People Make Money With Twitter?


I read about all these people who make money with Twitter, but I am not sure how they do it. Does Twitter reward you for making tweets or something like that? I am a total Internet newbie and just looking to makes some extra money to pay the bills. I guess I just don’t understand. Anyone out there willing to fill me in?

How Do You Define The Word Blog? What Do You Associate The Word With?


Apparently there’s a lot of discussion and whatnot regarding the definition of the word “blog.” As I understand it, a “blog” is a webpage with the users thoughts regarding a certain subject or topic of interest.
Is that about the right definition?
How do you define the word “blog?”
Furthermore, what do you consider an online diary or personal journal? Do these count as “blogs” or are they something else entirely?
I always associate my webpage (personal journal) with “blog” but I don’t think it fits the definition I listed above since all it really is is an account of my day-to-day life.