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Which Blog Service Best Manages To Get Its Blogs Indexed In Search Engines?


I want to set up some blogs and I’d like people to be able to locate them. My impression, which could be incorrect, is that search engines can find the blogs created from some services, but not from other services. Which blog service has the most easily locatable blogs or can all blogs be easily found?

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Who Can Provide The News Web Which Is Proper Children To Read?


Hello! Everybody ! Please help me !I want to lean English by reading news, but generally the news web are difficult to me.
I want to find some news web so that I can elevate my reading quality. Who can provide the news web which is proper children to read.Pleas provide the link for me. Thanks!

How To See A Facebook Profile Which Is Not Allowed When You Search?


I want to see somebody’s facebook profile, but when i search for it it comes up but i am unable to select it, is there any way of me getting around this??
Thank you.

Is There A Way To Find Out Which Of Your Facebook Friends Have Twitter Accounts?


What I want to do is take my friends list on facebook and see which ones have a twitter account. I have everyone on facebook not my msn or yahoo account so it makes it realy hard to find out who I know has twitter??? HELP!

Is There Any Blog Which Contains Phottos Only -mainly Collages?


I want to know about photoblogs especially that which contains collages. It must be a blog and not any websites.

How Do I Know Which Celebrities Are Real On Twitter?


I want to know which celebrities are real on twitter so i can follow their tweets.
any suggestions?

What Is The Web Sites In Which I Can Access Facebook Through Them From Work?


i mean are there any web sites like which i can access facebook or any restricted sites through them in work? can any body help me?

How Does Facebook Generate Which Friends Appear At The Top Of Your Profile?


When you look at your own facebook profile the top six people are show. How are these chosen? Are they randomly generated or is there some algorithm that brings up people you search/search you more more often?

How Can I Create A Web Site Which People Must Log On To In Order To View Its Content?


I run a small school and was hoping to create a web page which the pareents of my students could log on to to view up coming events, due dates, school news, etc. Eventually I would also like to set up a system with which it would be possible for them to pay their monthly tuition online. Any tips for this little venture?

On A Facebook Profile, What Determines Which Friends Will Show In The 6 Friends Spaces?


You know how on people’s facebook profiles underneath their profile picture and information, there is usually six friends shown? Well, what determines who is shown? Is it just random, or is it people that have looked at your profile recently?