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Are You Billed For Roaming When Using Twitter From Other Countries?


I live in the Philippines, and I just started using this twitter SMS-ing thing a few hours ago. I dont want to go too trigger-happy yet seeing as I don’t know what exactly it will cost me. It says standard rates apply, but thats for USA. What I’m trying to say is, will being in a country outside of the US cost me more?

Will Facebook Send A Request To The Contacts Found When I Enter My Email To Find People?


Just wondering if all the contacts will just show up, or if Facebook will automatically send a friend request to them all. Thank you for the help.

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How To See A Facebook Profile Which Is Not Allowed When You Search?


I want to see somebody’s facebook profile, but when i search for it it comes up but i am unable to select it, is there any way of me getting around this??
Thank you.

When Is It Advisable To Use Clustered Web Servers Instead Of A Single Machine?


At what point is it better to run a cluster of web servers vs a single machine? We’re currently running a web server machine and a SQL machine and the idea of running a cluster instead of the web server has been brought up. The web server runs .net pages and .net services.

How Do I Set Up A Second WordPress Blog When WordPress Is Already Installed?


I installed WordPress using Fantatisco in my cpanel and created a blog. I want to create a second wordpress blog. Do I have to install WordPress again.

How Soon Can One Secure A Web Domain When An Existing One Expiries?


I am planning a website with an unfortunate existing web address. Upon review, I have found that that the domain is expiring soon. So how soon can one register it after it expires or does the existing owner retain use of it indefinitely?

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When Tagging Photos On Facebook Why Does It Start Getting Slower And Slower?


When I’m tagging an album, after a few pictures worth, Facebook starts getting slower and slower, until it is just at a crawl and I have to refresh. The names saved at the top of the tagging list also refresh though, so I have to start typing them in again instead of just clicking them from the top, so annoying!

How Do I Remove An Unwanted Web Browser That Keeps Coming Up When I Sign Onto Firefox?


I have in inadvertently added my web search onto the fire fox engine and every time I start up the ie this search engine appears and I don’t want it.. How do i delete it?

Why Do My Pictures Upload Sideways On Twitter When They Are Sent From My Iphone 3gs?


When I take a picture from my iPhone and want to post it on my twitter, I have to post them through TwitPic. The picture always ends up being sideways, and no, I am not taking the pictures sideways from my iPhone.

Hey Howcome On Facebook You Cant See When Was The Last Time Your Friends Login Like Myspace Has It?


Why is that? Facebook is great but its a little confusing.