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What Are Some Really Good Tips And Ways To Get A Lot Of Twitter Followers?


i’m new to twitter and not a lot of my friends have it so how do i get more?

What Are Some Clever Ways To Sign Off At The End Of A Blog Entry?


I like to sign off my myspace blog with a short, but sweet little line like “rockin’ you like a tsunami” or “until next time, peace, love and tacos” but it’s kinda hard to think of new ones each time. Any suggestions? Thanks guys!

What Ways Can Can Make Use Of Web-based Information And Still Guard Against Plagiarism?


I need to write a paper and make use of the resources I find on the web. What ways can I use the information in my paper and not plagiarize the original author?

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What Are The Best Ways To Make Your Blog ‘viral’?


There are plenty of tips and strategies for improving a weblog’s traffic and visibility, but “going viral” has more to do with the content of one’s blog and website than where you’ve gotten linked or how effectively you promote your content.
Viral content is compelling, it excites the readers, and they spread the news by word of mouth or email, driving others to your content. A viral blog is an “experience” more than just a presentation of useful information.
So, how do you go viral? What are the earmarks of great viral content?

What Are Some Good Ways To Advertise My Blog?


I want to get the word out about my blog I’ve started. I have had success in blogging in the past and now have started something new and want to get going on it and build up some readers.
Any thoughts?

Facebook – How Many Different Ways Are There To Join A Group? Please Give Details As Its Very Important?


I really need to know how many ways there are too join a group and how you actually do it. Its important because a friend of mine has a disciplinary at work tomorrow with regards to stuff that has been put on facebook. All help is much appreciated. Many thanks in advance.