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How Do I Post Pictures To My Facebook Account, Without Posting Them On Everyones Wall?


I’m wanting to upload a set of pictures onto my facebook account. I don’t want them posted to every “friend’s” wall. I just want them under my pics so anyone can see. I am guessing this is a settings issue, I just don’t know what settings to change. Thanks in advance.

How Do You Stop People From Reading Your Wall Posts On Facebook?


How do i stop people from being able to read my wall posts on facebook?

Facebook: How Do I Get Status Updates From My Group Page To Show Up On My Member’s Wall?


I’m running a group on Facebook for a club in my school. I want to post status updates that inform members about meetings and other info to show up on their wall. How do I do that?

How Do I Write On My Facebook Wall With The New Layout?


Once again facebook changed the homepage and now I can’t figure out how to write on my own wall. I hate this new layout and I need help please!

How Do I Remove Spiderman Web Blaster Web Fluid From A Painted Wall?


My boys were playing with their Spiderman Web Blasters inside and I now have Web Fluid (similar to silly string) stuck on a painted wall. Any suggestions on how to remove it without sanding and repainting? I have tried regular soap and water, all purpose cleaner and a magic eraser with no results. Thanks for your help!