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How To Make My Blog More Visited And Comented?


I created my blog about my career, I am journalist. I think that this blog could help me to develop my career, I have written couples of articles and no body visited or comented my blog. I would like to hear your opinions and advices, my friends.

How To Tell If People Read, Viewed Or Visited Your Blog In Blogger?


How can you tell how many people read your blog in Blogger? I’ve seen counters on ebay and such, is this what I have to get? If so, what/where are the best counters that are free?

Is It Possible To Know How Many Visitors Have Visited My Blog In A Specified Period?


Is there any way I can know the number of visitors of my blog in a month or so, especially a blog in GOOGLE? If there is, pls give me the details for doing so. Thanks.

How Can I Make My Blog Popular ? I Started Written A Blog But One One Person Visited And Liked It ?


Can somebody seriously help and guide me to make my blog popular ? Is it possible if I tie up with newspaper to earn my livelihood through blogs.