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Are You Billed For Roaming When Using Twitter From Other Countries?


I live in the Philippines, and I just started using this twitter SMS-ing thing a few hours ago. I dont want to go too trigger-happy yet seeing as I don’t know what exactly it will cost me. It says standard rates apply, but thats for USA. What I’m trying to say is, will being in a country outside of the US cost me more?

How To Get More Followers On Twitter Using Trending Topics ?


How to get more followers on twitter using Trending Topics ?

How Can You Get Around A School Web Blocker Besides Using Https?


My school’s web blocker used to never be able to block https but now whenever I try to go on the facebook https site it says it cannot connect to the website. The blocker doesn’t do anything, it just cannot connect. Does anyone have any insight as to why this is?

Is It Possible To Use Our Blog To Update Yahoo Groups? Perhaps Using The Rss Feed?


We have a Yahoo Group and a WordPress Blog. There is a feed from the blog and we are pushing postings from the blog to Twitter. But I’d love to be able to push our blog postings to the Yahoo group so I don’t have to duplicate efforts. Also would like to send the info to our mySpace page….anyone know how to do this?

Do You Know The Best Way To Start A Product Comparison Blog And How To Get Paid For Using Various Products?


i think it would be a cool idea to get paid to compare products on the market..or even to try them out so that everyone will know if they are worth buying.
how do you go about properly setting up such a blog and approaching manufacturers to send their products to you? or do you just set up the site and buy your own products of interest to talk about.
i would love to do this and to get mass traffic to the site.
what are your thoughts?

How Do I Set My Twitter Status Using Facebook?


OK – so I figured out how to change my FB status via Tweets. But how do I change my Twitter status using FB?

How Do I Setup A Free Web Server On My Pc Using Dyndns Service?


I have created an account, registered a free domain and i believe that all left to do is to link a file or directory to the service, so as to get a web page as result when typing the address on a browser. Do i need software to do this? If yes where would i find it? Am i going the right direction?

How To Make Money Online Using Facebook ?


I am using facebook right now to promote my new money making product. Please guide me to promote it using facebook. Thanks.

What Are The Laws As To Using Company Logos In Blog Posts?


I was wondering if I could use the ebay logo as a picture in one of my blog posts about ebay. Can I do so with any web site as long as I’m not claiming to be that company?

Is Using Twitter On Your Cell Phone Free?


I have a twitter account and I want to use on my cell phone. I have unlimited texting but I don’t have internet on my phone. Does twitter require that you have internet on your phone?