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How Do You Upload Pictures From An Env Touch To Your Facebook?


I just got the enV touch from Verizon, and I want to upload my pictures to facebook. I couldn’t figure out how to do it from facebook mobile on the phone, and I don’t know if there are any other ways to do that.
Thanks so much!

How Do I Upload Picture To The New Yahoo Blog?


In the old yahoo 360, when I compose a blog entry, I can just add a picture form my local disk, but in the new Yahoo Blog, it doesn’t allow me to do it anymore, any idea?
I have to upload picture to flicker first and copy the URL? Is that how it is going to be?

Why Do My Pictures Upload Sideways On Twitter When They Are Sent From My Iphone 3gs?


When I take a picture from my iPhone and want to post it on my twitter, I have to post them through TwitPic. The picture always ends up being sideways, and no, I am not taking the pictures sideways from my iPhone.

How Do You Upload Pictures To Facebook From Your Mobile Phone?


I have facebook mobile set up but can’t figure out how to send the pictures to my mobile album.

Is It Legal To Summarize University Lectures And Upload Them To My Blog For Educational Purposes?


I’m currently studying in USA. I find that the lectures here are amazing. I think I could help other students (especially in my home country) to understand what I learned by summarizing the ideas I’ve got from the classes and upload them to my personal blog for other students to read. Is it illegal doing this? If it is, is there any way I can make it legal?

How Do I Upload Photos From A Camera To A Website Such As Facebook Using A Macbook?


I have a Canon and it’s connected to a USB port on my Macbook and everything works great except that you have to save the pictures first on iPhoto and then transfer the pictures to Facebook? Is there another way to do this without saving the pictures first and doing a direct connect to Facebook? It also resizes the images when uploaded to Facebook. Any suggestions? Thanks.

What Is A Web Service That I Can Have People Upload To Without Them Needing An Account?


I am the director of a video and need to have a way for a lot of people (800) to upload photos and videos to an online server.
I know there are online “hard drives” but I am looking for something were people can hit a link on a web page and upload files to this server without them needing an account. They do not need to see the files already uploaded and I would prefer they don’t. Is there anything out there like that?

How Do I Upload Pictures To My Facebook Through My Phone?


I have a Nokia E71 and just wondered how i go about uploading photos straight to facbook with my phone. Normally a folder with mobile uploads will be on your facebook?

How Do I Upload Videos To Facebook Or Myspace From My Phone?


I don’t have a cord for my phone to my computer.
So how do I upload videos from my phone to facebook or myspace?

How Do I Upload Photos On Facebook Without Having To Create An Album?


I just have four photos that I want to upload onto facebook. But how do I do that wihtout having to create an album?