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Google Tests Voice Calls in Gmail, Updates Google Finance for …


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Google Tests Voice Calls in Gmail, Updates Google Finance for …

Can You Tell If Someone Has You Set For Mobile Updates On Twitter?


Just curious, can you tell if someone is getting your twitter updates sent to their phone?

How Do I Export My Twitter Updates To Facebook Fan Page?


I own a small business. How do I automatically share/export my business Twitter account updates to my Facebook business Fan Page’s Wall?

Will You Get Charged For Receiving And Sending Twitter Updates From Your Phone?


I was planning on registering my phone for that Twitter updates thing, but I wanna know if I’ll get charged for that… it said that Twitter does not charge for it, but Standard Rates apply, but I have unlimited texting, so will I get charged extra for that? Oh, and I’m with Telus mobility.

Why Wont My Twitter Updates Send To My Phone Even Tho I Signed Up For It?


so i got a twitter account and i wanted peoples updates to be sent to my pohone..but they dont yet i always update my status and it works.

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How Do You Reply To Updates On People’s Twitter?


One of my teachers has a twitter that he uses to give us reminders for class, and I don’t want to sound like a tard by telling him I have no freaking clue how to reply to his updates. Help?

A Web Site Based Around Automatic Email Updates Of Flight Prices?


I was told of a web site that is based around monitoring the prices of available flights for a user, who just gives the site their email address and destinations they are interested in flying to (and a preferred price?), then as the web site monitors different company’s flight prices, it automatically emails the user with information about this available and cheap flight.
The problem is though, that I don’t know what the web address is, or any part of the site’s name. So does anyone know this web site?
It sounded like an independent web site, not an airline’s site.

How Come I’m Getting Some Of The Updates To My Phone From Twitter But Not Others?


i get some twitter updates sent to my phone,so i got one from demi lovato and later on when i went on her twitter on the internet, there were many more than the one i got sent to my phone?

How Do You Recieve Updates On Your Phone From Tweets From A Person You Are Following On Twitter?


Im following David archuleta and i want to be able to see tweets he post on twitter directly to my phone right when he posts them on twitter. How are you able to get those tweets sent directly to your phone?

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Facebook: How Do I Get Status Updates From My Group Page To Show Up On My Member’s Wall?


I’m running a group on Facebook for a club in my school. I want to post status updates that inform members about meetings and other info to show up on their wall. How do I do that?