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Social Media's Web 2.0 Merges Into Semantic Web With


Did you ever think about becoming Editor-in-Chief of your own newspaper? Well, can score you that gig.

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Social Media's Web 2.0 Merges Into Semantic Web With

How Do I View Everyons Tweets On Twitter?


How do i view everyons tweets on twitter?How do i view everyons tweets on twitter?

How Can I Send Text Message Tweets To Twitter?


I went to the device section, I put in my number, and it said to send a code to the number it gave me. I did that, but now i dont know what to do. Any help??????
This is the message it gives me, btw:
Note: We currently don’t support sending SMS notifications to this number. You may still verify your phone and update Twitter, but we won’t deliver to your phone.

How Do You Recieve Updates On Your Phone From Tweets From A Person You Are Following On Twitter?


Im following David archuleta and i want to be able to see tweets he post on twitter directly to my phone right when he posts them on twitter. How are you able to get those tweets sent directly to your phone?

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I Use Twitter Widget To Display Updates On My Website. How Can I Filter So Only Selected Tweets Are Displayed?


I also display my tweets on my Facebook page – same question applies. Probably to do with hashtags, but how can I filter on a hashtag? Twitter only provides a block of HTML to show all my tweets.

How To Get Rid Of Auto Spam Tweets (sent From My Twitter Account) About Gaining More Followers?


I once landed up on a website where I entered twitter username and password.
Since then, my twitter account is sending spam tweets automatically. They have messages like “found a new way to gain more followers”.
I can do nothing but delete those tweets one-by-one whenever I login on twitter. It’s too annoying to handle.
Please help me on this.