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How Can I Turn A Web Page Into A Periodic Report ?


I created a normal web page (using ASP.NET) , and I need the report in this web page to be sent as a weekly email to all my employees.
How is this possible ?

How Do I Turn My Blog Into A Book For Keepsake?


I have a blog on blogspot and i heard that you can have it printed out at the end of the year and keep it like a journal/scrapbook? Anyone know how I go about this?

How To Turn Twitter Followers Into Potential Leads/customers?


I’m utilizing Twitter as a marketing tool for my business (cleaning service). Since my client base is local, how do I get followers that fit my client base and how do I turn them into potential customers?

How Do You Turn A Mobile Phone Facebook Acount Into An Email One?


My firend got a facebook account thrw her phone, but she didn’t have an email address at the time. Now she wants to be able to check her facebook through computers, but it wont let her because she only has a phone number to sign in, not an email. How can we check her facebook throug the computer? We tried to find a spot in her facebook to add an email, but can’t seem to find it.
Thanks ahead of time

How Do You Turn Twitter Updates For Your Phone On And Off For Individual Users?


I know how to turn off overall twitter updates for my phone but I dont know how to turn on/off updates for a specific user on their site. Help please!