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On Facebook, Why Have They Got Rid Of The Page Numbers To Help Search Through All Your Photos?


Im tagged in 1200+ photos on facebook, and now that they have removed the page numbers from the top right corner, this means i have to go through EVERY photo and I cant skip pages. It takes ages!!!!
Anyone know why this has happened and if there is anyway of getting page number back?

How Do I Update My Twitter Status Through Aim?


I’ve tried adding Twitter IM but I don’t know where to find the conformation code or whatever.

How Can I Tell If A Girl Likes Me Through Facebook Messages?


I’ve been talking to this girl on facebook for awhile because we don’t see each other in school alot. We occasionally talk in school so I don’t have problems with that.She’s really nice and stuff so I can’t tell on person. I want to to know how I can tell if she likes me through how she response to my messages.

How Can I Get Donations For Software Development Through A Blog? Is There A Better Way?


How can someone get donations/funds for a software that will be offered free? I was told to create a blog and create incentives but i am so lost at this point.
All of the donations will go for developing the software but how do i get that across to people reading the site?
Is there a site out there that will help me get funds for the project?
What about finding angel investors, how to see if they are who they say they are or are they scammers?

What Is The Web Sites In Which I Can Access Facebook Through Them From Work?


i mean are there any web sites like which i can access facebook or any restricted sites through them in work? can any body help me?

Do You Have To Pay When You Use Twitter And Myspace Mobile Through Text?


I have verizon wireless and i want to know if you have to pay myspace and twitter mobile through text. I have free unlimited texting.

How Many People Can You Invite On Twitter Through Email At One Time?


I want to invite my philosophy class to follow me on twitter, but there are about 100 emails. I don’t want to put all 100 emails, but Twitter not invite them all. Because Twitter will sometimes say that everything is fine but not invite everyone.

I Want To Start A Blog For Profit Is There Something That Can Walk Me Through The Process And Is Free?


My job recently shut down and the bills are piling up! I have two kids and I don’t want to pay someone to work for them that is crazy! I need a free service that will teach me how to blog for profit and aid me in building my site.

How Do I Upload Pictures To My Facebook Through My Phone?


I have a Nokia E71 and just wondered how i go about uploading photos straight to facbook with my phone. Normally a folder with mobile uploads will be on your facebook?

What Is A Channel When Setting Up Adsense On Your Blog Through Google? How Do You Find A Channel?


I recently set up my blogs and I’m looking to post ads to generate some income. I also what to get my blog out there for people to read.

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