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How Do I Ask This Person To Be My Friend On Facebook Without Sounding Creepy?


I recently found one of the actors from my favorite musical on facebook. I met him briefly the other day. I realize that hardly qualifies us as friends, but I think he’s a really cool, chill person and I really want to add him on facebook. If I sent a message along with the friend request, what would be the best thing to write to convince him to accept my friend request?

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Everytime I Send A Text To Twitter It Says Sorry, This Service Is Unavailable For Your Current Service Plan?


everytime i send a text to twitter it says sorry, this service is unavailable for your current service plan.
help? how do i fix this? it used to work perfectly fine. i don’t know what happened.

Can People Find My Twitter Account If They Know My Email Address? Can I Prevent This?


I have a Twitter account using an old email address that I don’t really want people I knew from ages ago stumbling across. Is there way a to change my settings so that I’m not searchable by email address?

Is There Any Application To Twitter That Enables Me To Conduct This?


I want to conduct a discussion on twitter where everyone that follows me can post his views. So I want to know if there is any application to twitter that can enable me to conduct this discussion? THANK YOU!

This Is Also For The Non-motorcylist – What Would You Like To See In A Motorcycle Blog?


Hello Everyone! I guess there are many among you who face continuous problems with the overhead cams or with a leaking oil seal and the mechanic drives you nuts. Thus came the concept of a motorcycle blog; apart from the usual user interactions, what else would u like to see there?