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How Can I Find Out How Many Twitter Users There Are In Birmingham, Uk?


I need to find out roughly how many twitter users there are in Birmingham in the United Kingdom. Either from a website or from wherever you can find, but proof will be needed.

Is There The Equivalent Of Twitter Or Livejournal In Japan?


I know all about mixi, it’s basically the equivalent of facebook.
However, is there anything similar to livejournal or twitter in Japan, where people write about their day-to-day activities and/or try to meet like-minded people?

Is There An Application To Check My Followers Top 10 On Twitter?


I want to be able to check my followers in order to find out who in my follow list has the highest amount of followers.
I hope to be able to tweet these followers of mine who may have large number of followers and perhaps they tweet me in reutn to boost my follow count, only problem is i cannot find a program which lists my followers and also how many people are following them.
I checked out twitter karma but it doesnt work anyone and has not done for ages.

Is There A Way To Automatically Import Your Blogger Blog To Your Myspace Blog?


Every time I update my blogger blog, I’d like myspace to automatically detect and insert that update. Facebook can do that. Can myspace?

Is There A Web Site That Can Measure My Internet Connecction Speeds?


Is there a web site that can measure my internet connecction speeds? I want to measure the upload and download speeds of my internet connection. I know there used to be a web site that would test download speed, but I don’t think I ever saw one to test upload speed.

Is There A Web Site To Locate Overseas Workers Looking For Work They Can Do Remotely?


I am setting up a Remote Executive Assistants service and am looking for resources in countries such as India, Phillippines, Indonesia who are interested in undertaking this type of work on an outsourced basis. I’d like to find appropriate web sites where I can post a classified ad to find these types of resources. What job sites cater to those markets?
Thanks for your help.

Is There A Twitter Application Out There That Searches Bio’s And Follows Automatically?


I would like to find people with similar interests as me by searching their bio’s on twitter by keyword. Is there any application that will search by keyword and automatically follow those who have selected keyword?

Is There A Simple Rss Twitter Feed That Can Be Embedded Into Websites?


Hi, I’m looking for a really simple bit of code or just an image that can show my last tweet from Twitter in a really simple box. No avatars, link or anything, just one tweet and a date, maybe in a speech bubble or something. Anyone know any good sites for doing this? Preferably one that is quite theme-able as I want it to fit in with my new website design.

Is There A Blog Out There That Deals With The Most Important Current Events In Politics?


I am looking for a blog or opinion section from an on-line magazine that covers political issues. I am especially interested in Latin American politics and USA-Mexico relationships.
I am coaching a student for a language test and he will have to make a presentation on a topic related to this area. I am not well versed in this, so I must catch up to be able to follow him.
Thank you! And please, only serious answers.

Is There A Way To Find Out Which Of Your Facebook Friends Have Twitter Accounts?


What I want to do is take my friends list on facebook and see which ones have a twitter account. I have everyone on facebook not my msn or yahoo account so it makes it realy hard to find out who I know has twitter??? HELP!