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How Do You @ Someone On Twitter So It Comes Up On Their Feed?


I just got twitter, and I want to learn how to be able to make myself as visible as possible on there. Can you help?

Who’s That Teen Kid From The Newer Verizon Commercial Where Their Parents Are On Twitter And Stuff?


He’s the one standing next to his sister and their mom and dad are holding their phones and their on twitter and stuff, who’s the guy? He has blonde hair. Thanks!

How Do I Make A Blog Badge That Other People Can Put On Their Sites For Advertising?


I want to make a badge that would act as a link that people could embed on their pages. Any other free form of blog advertisement would be appreciated as well….I’m not a computer wizard, so I would be grateful for dumbed-down explanations haha

How Do I Block Facebook Users So I That I Cannot See Their Group Posts?


I am currently posting on a facebook group and have some disagreeble members frequently addressing me with personal comments despite me ignoring them. I don’t want to stop posting just because of them and I would be happier just not seeing what they post! I know it is possible to make the posts invisible but I can’t remember how! If anyone can help me I would be super greatful!
Please note, I have reported both members for their persistant personal attacks.

How Do You Add Soroity Sisters On Facebook If Their Not Your Friend?


Okay so someone gave me their email on facebook for soroity life on facebook and idk what to do now? im new to this. any help?

How Does One Blog To Their Own Web Site?


I know, it’s a stupid question. I registered a web domain the other day. The purpose of this web site will be to host a blog I’ll do.
I know how to blog, where they give you the space on their site, but how do I do the blog so it will show up on my website?

How Should Newspaper Monetize Their Online Content? Is It Fair To Use Their Content On Twitter Or Facebook?


These days different people and web portals just pick the news clipping and put on different websites like Facebook and twitter without the permission of actual content owner and in some cases earn money from someone else’s content. Actual content owners (in this case news papers spend so much money to get the actualy content and their content is used by someone else without any extra benefit to them.

What Is The Term For Facebook Users That Use Profile Pictures Of Their Kids Instead Of Themselves?


It seems that many people in their thirties who use Facebook have already given up on life and have passed their legacy to their children. Why else would they be inclined to use pictures of their minor children rather than themselves?

How A Company Can Use Facebook To Target A Specific Market For Their Product/service?


Also, with Facebook, one can choose the demographics and target the marketing

How To Blog Owners Know Who Viewed Their Blogspot?


Is it from a website, you can check out who went to your blog?
I need to know it urgently, include the steps for me please.
Example, blog owner can check out blog viewers who viewed his/her blog today.