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How Do I Get A Song That I Have Purchased To Play On My Blog?


I purchased the song from Jukebox. But if I highlight a word on my page in order to create a link to play the song, I don’t know what URL to put down. I don’t know where to find the song except when I open Jukebox to actually play it. Maybe this is not the best way to get the song on my blog. What should I do?

How Do I Make My Myspace Blog Private That If You View My Blog It Will Say Something Like “you Must Subscribe”?


I know myspace had that option where you would click a users blog and it said something like, you must subscribe to this persons blog to view. Can you still do that?

How Do You Start A Company That Registers Web Sites? What Are The Elements Needed?


I am awed by companies that entice people to have a web sites, and allow them to handle “website thing”. What does it takes to start this kind of company?.

What’s A Cool Teen Blog That Different From All The Other One?


I wanna blog but I don’t wanna use blogger, blogspot, myspace blog, facebook notes, live journal, rotten tomatoes, or any of those. I want a cool blog that appeals to teens and has cool layouts and stuff. But also, I want it to be private. Kinda like an online diary but not one of those retarded blogger type ones. Help? :]

How Does One Ensure That A Downloaded Web Page Will Be Printed To The End Of All Lines?


Using XP Home SP2 with HP 3100 printer. Most web pages print with loss of end of line words or parts of words. A real pain and waste.

What Is The Name Of The Video Blog Thing That Payton Sawyer On One Tree Hill Has On The Beginning Seasons?


Payton Sawyer, a character on One Tree Hill had a video blog thing on the first couple seasons. What is the name of it?

Where Can I Find A Hit Counter For My Blog That Wont Count My Own Hits But Only Outside Hits?


I noticed that my hit counter is counting the times I go to view my own blog and I’m hoping that someone can tell me of a counter that will not count the times I go to my blog but only others. Thanks!

How Do A Set Up A Blog So That It Is Profitable?


How do a set up a blog so that it is profitable?

Does Anyone Know Of A Good Blog Or Website That Keeps Track Of Amazon Deals?


I am looking for a blog or website the updates (at least daily) the deals and price drops on Amazon. Right now I am following “hip2save” and although I like it and it has some good coupon tips it’s selective with Amazon. I’m looking for a site that has a good size Amazon following. ANY tips on blogs or websites would be great- Thanks!

Who Could Recommend Me A Free Blog Hosting That Reachs My Requests?


1.Be in English
2.I can design my blog on it using html code and css code.
3.I can arrive at there immediately.