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Other Than Blogger What Are Good Blog Sites Teens Can Use?


I want to create a blog that has a creative layout like what you find on MySpace, but with more traffic. I’m not a fan of the Blogger site.
Any suggestions?

Is There An Easy Way To Read A Blog From The Beginning Date Other Than Selecting Previous Entry 20 Times?


Why are they set up this way? This seems so antiquated to me. i would like to catch up with an old blog, but i don’t want to tab back 1000x. Any thoughts?

Do You Have More Than One Email Account And Facebook And Myspace And Twitter?


How could you be convinced to use a website that allows you to view and control all your email accounts, myspace, facebook and twitter from one place? Do you like this idea? Why?

How Can I Get Files From A Music Blog To Play In A Separate Window Rather Than Opening Windows Media Player?


Up until recently, a i used to be able to listen to a song on a music blog by clicking on the link and it would open a new tab to play in…now it opens my windows media player and plays it that way. im sure how this happened but i dont like the fact Windows media player is opening everytime. (not sure if it helps any, but i have windows xp)