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How Can I Find Out How Much A Text Link Goes For On My Blog Or Website?


If you have a blog or a website and sell text links from it, how can I find out how much money a text link from it’s worth?Can anyone please help me out here?

Everytime I Send A Text To Twitter It Says Sorry, This Service Is Unavailable For Your Current Service Plan?


everytime i send a text to twitter it says sorry, this service is unavailable for your current service plan.
help? how do i fix this? it used to work perfectly fine. i don’t know what happened.

How Do I Get My Blog Font Back To The Default Color After I’ve Changed The Color Of The Text In A Blog?


When I posted a blog, I accidently changed the text color of the font to black (where as the default color is a shade of blue). I’m not sure if there’s a way to get the text color of that specific blog back to the default color. Can anyone help me?

Do You Have To Pay When You Use Twitter And Myspace Mobile Through Text?


I have verizon wireless and i want to know if you have to pay myspace and twitter mobile through text. I have free unlimited texting.

How Can I Send Text Message Tweets To Twitter?


I went to the device section, I put in my number, and it said to send a code to the number it gave me. I did that, but now i dont know what to do. Any help??????
This is the message it gives me, btw:
Note: We currently don’t support sending SMS notifications to this number. You may still verify your phone and update Twitter, but we won’t deliver to your phone.

How Do You Take The Background Colour Off Blog Text On Myspace ?


I accidentally changed the text background colour on my blog. I want it back to transparent but aren’t sure how to do it.

How Much Does It Cost To Text Twitter?


I have an unlimited text plan on orange. I live in Scotland and wanted to know how much it would cost for me to recieve texts from twitter (like updates from the people I am following) and also how much it would be for me to text my tweets to twitter. Thanks x

How To Get A Text When Someone Updates Twitter ?


So if i wanted to get a text everytime a person updates their twitter , what do i do ?

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How Long Do I Have To Send A Confirmation Text To Twitter?


I want to set up a twitter, but I won’t have the phone I want to use to hand until wednesday late evening. How long do I have to text the confirmation code before it’s void?


How Do You Make The Myspace Blog Text Baground Color Transparent?


I accidentally changed my text background color on myspace blog and im trying to make it transparent with the color the blog is but there is no same color. And i dont want to redo the blog over again. Does any one know how to make it transparent?

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