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Can You Tell If Someone Has You Set For Mobile Updates On Twitter?


Just curious, can you tell if someone is getting your twitter updates sent to their phone?

How Can You Tell If Someone On Facebook Has Opened A Message You Sent Them?


On Facebook, is there a way you can tell if someone has opened a message you sent them (if you send them an email through Facebook’s messenging system)? If so, how can you tell?

How To Tell If People Read, Viewed Or Visited Your Blog In Blogger?


How can you tell how many people read your blog in Blogger? I’ve seen counters on ebay and such, is this what I have to get? If so, what/where are the best counters that are free?

How Can I Tell If A Girl Likes Me Through Facebook Messages?


I’ve been talking to this girl on facebook for awhile because we don’t see each other in school alot. We occasionally talk in school so I don’t have problems with that.She’s really nice and stuff so I can’t tell on person. I want to to know how I can tell if she likes me through how she response to my messages.

How Many Think People Tell The Truth About Themselves On Facebook?


Do you think facebook is really fakebook for some people? Are the pictures and wall posts a true reflection of a person’s real life? What do you think?

How Can I Get Twitter To Tell Me When I Get A New Email?


I already use twhirl for twitter updates, so is there a way I can get email notifications on my gmail account through a new twitter account?

How Can You Tell If Someone Has Stopped Following You On Twitter?


Do you get an email? Or is there some way you can go to the Twitter site & check there?