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What’s A Cool Teen Blog That Different From All The Other One?


I wanna blog but I don’t wanna use blogger, blogspot, myspace blog, facebook notes, live journal, rotten tomatoes, or any of those. I want a cool blog that appeals to teens and has cool layouts and stuff. But also, I want it to be private. Kinda like an online diary but not one of those retarded blogger type ones. Help? :]

Who’s That Teen Kid From The Newer Verizon Commercial Where Their Parents Are On Twitter And Stuff?


He’s the one standing next to his sister and their mom and dad are holding their phones and their on twitter and stuff, who’s the guy? He has blonde hair. Thanks!

What Are So Interesting Things A Teen Could Blog About?


I’ve never blogged before but since school is out, I think I want to try. What are some good things a 17 yr old could blog about?