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How Do You Stop People From Reading Your Wall Posts On Facebook?


How do i stop people from being able to read my wall posts on facebook?

How Do I Stop Random People From Following Me On Twitter?


I keep getting total randoms/strangers following me on Twitter. How do I stop this from happening?
I know that I can just block everyone who tries to follow me, but I’m just too lazy. Is there an easy way to stop randoms from following me?

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As A Writer, Do You Blog? How Do You Stop People From Stealing Your Ideas?


I never blogged, I was always concerned people could steal your ideas. Any thoughts to why you do or do not blog?

How Do I Stop My Twitter Connecting With Myspace?


Whenever i write something on twitter it comes up on myspace. How do i stop this, i managed to stop it going from myspace to twitter but i cant do the other way. hope that made sense,, can you help me?

How Can You Stop Facebook Publishing That You Changed Your Profile Picture?


As stated in the heading, is their anyway to stop facebook telling everyone you changed your profile/display pic. Thanks and merry christmas

How Can I Stop Facebook Publishing Automatically My Activity In Youtube ?


Weeks ago I remember I did something that made publishing a video I uploaded in Youtube automatic in Facebook. Now I see that when I “Favorite” a video in Youtube, it is also reflected on my facebook wall. I blocked all Video applications in facebook, nevertheless, I do not succeed in Facebook not publishing my Youtube activity. How can I achieve this ? thanks.

How Do You Stop The Groups You Join Of Facebook From Appearing On The Main Groups Page?


On the facebook home page, there is a link to a page that shows all the groups joined recently by your friends. How do you stop the groups you join from appearing on it?

How Can I Temporarily Stop My Facebook Addiction?


I am nearing my End of Year exams, and I’m still very enthusiastic about using Facebook. Do you guys have any recommendations so that i can easily cut down my Facebook usage?

How Do I Stop Advertizing Web Pages Loading In The Background?


When I close down my web browser after I have finished browsing/surfing, I find that several firefox windows have loaded. They are all ads, and I have to close all of them so I can get back to my desktop. I have Zeroads and Adblocker plus installed, yet they STILL load up why won’t they block them? I’m sure those stupid ads are also wasting of my bandwidth too.

How Do I Stop Receiving Direct Messages On My Cellphone From Twitter?


I use my cellphone to update my Twitter, but I don’t like getting direct messages on it. Is there a way to turn it off? If so, how?