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How Do I Update My Facebook Group Status Posts From Twitter?


I have a facebook group for my band and I would like to be able to update this through my twitter account? I know they have applications like “selective twitter” that let you do this for a regular facebook account, but does anyone know how to do it for a group you moderate?

How Do I Make My Facebook Status Link Straight To Twitter Status?


i need whatever i write as my facebook status to also update my twitter status. See i have free FB on my phone but not twitter, so when i am out, i would like whatever i write in FB status to also go as my twitter. Is there any way of doing this?
PS: i’m not wanting twitter to Fb, just Fb to twitter. thanx 🙂

How Do I Update My Twitter Status Through Aim?


I’ve tried adding Twitter IM but I don’t know where to find the conformation code or whatever.

How Do You Prevent Facebook From Automatically Clearing Your Status After One Week?


Recently Facebook has begun to clear my status automatically after it has been in place for one week. Are there any settings that I can adjust so that only I can clear my status?


How Do I Set My Twitter Status Using Facebook?


OK – so I figured out how to change my FB status via Tweets. But how do I change my Twitter status using FB?

How Do I Update My Status From Twitter To Facebook?


I always see updates on facebook saying ‘-from twitter’ then there twitter has the same status. How you make your twitter status the same as your facebook one?
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Everytime My Cousins Blog Is Updated, The Contents Show Up In My Myspace Status. How Do I Unlink The Two?


There is a site that lists a bunch of social networks and links them to your blog. I entered in my myspace info, but now I want to remove it, or at least stop it from changing my status.

How Can I Make My Windows Live Profile Status Sync With Twitter Or Facebook?


Ok, I want my windows live profile status change automatically when I change my facebook or twitter status, I have a Macbook so I use Adium to manage my windows live account… I read it is possible using some scripts for the windows live messenger for windows, but as I said I don’t use it.

Facebook: How Do I Get Status Updates From My Group Page To Show Up On My Member’s Wall?


I’m running a group on Facebook for a club in my school. I want to post status updates that inform members about meetings and other info to show up on their wall. How do I do that?

How Do I Make My Facebook Status Appear On My Twitter Status?


Not vise versa as such, i would just like to know how to make it so that when i write something on my facebook status, it will automatically become twitter status as well.
Thanx everyone!