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Information Literacy Weblog: Web 2.0 Untangled: Technology …


Web 2.0 Untangled: Technology-enriched IBL. At #web2untangled, held in Oxford yesterday, Professor Philippa Levy and I gave a presentation: Starting as we mean to go on: Technology-rich Inquiry Based Learning in the first undergraduate …

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Information Literacy Weblog: Web 2.0 Untangled: Technology …

Where Is A Good Resource On The Web For Information On Starting A Portrait Photography Studio?


Where is a good resource on the web for information on starting a portrait photography studio? Something that explains what kind of equipment is used, the different positions needed in the studio to run it, how to attract clients and so on. Websites and/or books would be useful, but if there is a good website out there I’d like to find it.

How Would I Go About Starting A Web Design Portfolio For Future Employers To See?


I am a recent college graduate, I am looking for a web design job, but how can I get a job and get professional experience if I don’t have any in the first place?

How Would You Go About Starting A Blog?


I’m thinking of starting a blog for teens. I realize that there are loads of teen blogs everywhere, but I feel like I have a lot of expertise on style and beauty advice, etiquette tips, etc. What are some websites that serve as good foundations for blogs, and what computer skills do I need to have to start a blog?
Thanks =]

What Are The Advantages And The Disadvantages Of Starting A Twitter Account?


What is the benefits-costs balance of creating and keeping a Twitter profile? I already have a Facebook profile and feel it is taking up a huge part of my time and more commitment and investment than I would have liked to give it. But at the same time I am curiousr about all the interest in Twitter and tweets and wonder whether I am missing something good!

How To Start A Home Based Web Designing Company? What It Needs ,how Much Will Be The Starting Expense?


Hello everybody ,I want to start home based web designing business of my own and learning web designing right now. I have just started learning web designing .Can any one tell me how long it will take to start the business and gaining enough skills that are necessary to open the business? And how much will be the cost of starting it including everything like important soft-wares ? I just have a laptop and internet connection.What I need more and Can you ,please , suggest some good tools(prefer free tools).How should I start it?