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How Do I Get A Song That I Have Purchased To Play On My Blog?


I purchased the song from Jukebox. But if I highlight a word on my page in order to create a link to play the song, I don’t know what URL to put down. I don’t know where to find the song except when I open Jukebox to actually play it. Maybe this is not the best way to get the song on my blog. What should I do?

How Do I Post A Song On A Blogger Blog Post?


I am a singer/songwriter and I post up a song on my blog post once a week. Well, I post up a song on another place and then link to it because I cannot find how to post up a single, non-auto play song on a blog post. Please, please help!

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How Do I Place A Video And/or A Song On A Blog?


I have a blog in Blogspot and would like to place a video from our past class reunion. Also I would like to place a song as background music and another one as a “click&play” song.
Please explain as simple as possible.

How Do You Add A Song To Your Twitter Page?


I just got a Twitter and was wondering how do you add a song to your Twitter page? Thanks 🙂