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How Do I Make My Myspace Blog Private That If You View My Blog It Will Say Something Like “you Must Subscribe”?


I know myspace had that option where you would click a users blog and it said something like, you must subscribe to this persons blog to view. Can you still do that?

Why Is My Facebook Having Me Download Something?


So I tried going on Facebook and all of a sudden it doesnt take me to the site and has this thing pop up saying its a file download. It wont take me to the site, and I have the options to find something to download it or whatever. Why is it doing this? It worked fine 10 minutes ago.

How Do I Send Out Invitations For Something Over Facebook?


I’ve never done this before because I think it’s dumb, however, I’m having a get together over fourth of July and need to let a few people know whom I cannot get in touch of outside of facebook.

How Do You Write Something On Somebody Elses Twitter Page?


im not looking for how to messege someone im looking for how to wirte something on theyre page . Can you do that on twitter?

I Want To Start A Blog For Profit Is There Something That Can Walk Me Through The Process And Is Free?


My job recently shut down and the bills are piling up! I have two kids and I don’t want to pay someone to work for them that is crazy! I need a free service that will teach me how to blog for profit and aid me in building my site.