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How Do I Permanently Block Someone On Twitter?


On my Twitter, the same person follows me, its someone disgusted with a women sucking a mans penis as their picture, and on there page it has links to porn websites – disgusting.
When I report and block they come back and follow me again.
How do I permanently block this person from following me?

What Web Site Can I Use To Find Someone For Absolutely Free Without Having To Pay A Fee?


My fiance is trying to find her sons father because her son needs some medical history from his father.I have tried finding him in CT.but we don’t have the money to pay for the web sites that require a fee.His name is James Alfred Morgan,age 40 years and his birthdate is 08-07-1967.He was living in Danielson,CT. but we are not for sure.

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How Do You Find Out If Someone Has Linked Your Blog To Theirs?


You know what I mean? Like, someone putting a link to your blog in their sidebar or somewhere on their blog page? Is there a free service for monitoring that, or can you monitor that?

How To Add Someone To Your Preferred Blog List?


I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I can’t seem to add someone to my preferred blog list on Myspace. It just keeps taking me to their profile. Can someone please help?

Someone Has Created Fake Facebook And Myspace Profiles Of Me. How Can I Get Them Removed?


I’m trying to get the profiles deleted because it’s not me. I just found out on Friday night, the fake facebook profile has some of my friends. But I’m worried about what it says. I cannot see it. The fake myspace profile has horrible lies written about me. The information is inflammatory. Do I need to contact the police? I haven’t heard from Myspace or Facebook yet, how long will it take before they remove the information.

Can You Tell If Someone Has You Set For Mobile Updates On Twitter?


Just curious, can you tell if someone is getting your twitter updates sent to their phone?

Someone Has Created A Slanderous Blog. Any Websites I Can Go To To Find Out How To Hack The Blog?


The blog is hosted by blogger. Would like to know how to shut down the blog or probably gain full administrator access. Help is very much appreciated as terrible things are said that would cause much animosity between groups of people and immediate intervention is needed.

How Do You @ Someone On Twitter So It Comes Up On Their Feed?


I just got twitter, and I want to learn how to be able to make myself as visible as possible on there. Can you help?

What Are The Consequences Of Pretending To Be Someone Else On Facebook And Getting Caught?


My friend and I made a facebook account for my drivers ed teacher as a joke. but he got caught doing something illegal and got arrested. now i got an email saying that they know that it was me and my friend. What is going to happen?

How Can You Tell If Someone On Facebook Has Opened A Message You Sent Them?


On Facebook, is there a way you can tell if someone has opened a message you sent them (if you send them an email through Facebook’s messenging system)? If so, how can you tell?