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How Many Small Businesses Have Web Sites In United States?


I am evaluating the size of the small business web site marketplace for a new service which would be sold to web site owners. The SBA currently states that 99 percent of the 25 million companies in the US have less then 500 employees. I am looking for the best way to determine how many of these companies have web sites?

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How Do I Start My Own Web Page To Advertise A Small Business?


I want to start an online bakery. What is the best and least expensive way to build a web page and advertise?

I Have A Small Business – Should I Start A Twitter Account Using The Business Name Or My Personal Name?


I am a bit of a shy person so my first instinct would be to use the business name. The purpose of having Twitter is to build up a list of followers who I can hopefully convert into blog followers for my business blog.
Which should I choose?

What Is The Best Blog On Small Cap Or Penny Stock Investing?


What is the best blog for investing in stocks? Do you have a favorite blog to get investing advice especially on small cap or penny stocks?
I would love to find a good site about small cap and penny stocks.

How Can A Web Site Can Work For A Small Retail Business Located In A Small Town?


We have a mall retail business located in a small town. I can’t see any way a web site would help our business – most of our customers come from “word of mouth”. Any ideas?

How Can Twitter Be Good For A Small Business?


I have a small seminar business with International clients. Does anyone know if twitter would be good for business ? I don’t want to put my name on there though..
Thank you

What Is A Good Web Site To Find State/federal Or Private Grants Available To Small Businesses?


particularly businesses owned by minorities/women.
I have searched google, but most of the web sites are no help. I need a good web site to help me out. THANK YOU.

What Blog Sites Would Be Good For A Small Business In Floral And Gifts?


I am helping some friends get their shop on the map and noticed. They have a web site. One of the ways in my research to optimize a web site is to use a blog. I am not blog savvy and neither are they so need a little help as to good sites to place there blog so that they get noticed.