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What Are Your Favorite Herb And Vegetable Garden Web Sites?


I live and garden in the desert Southwest. I’ve learned how to garden around killer hot summers and super alkaline soil. So, far the places I visit most are the Garden Web Arizona forum and the University of Arizona agricultural sites. What about you? Where do you learn about growing herbs and veggies?

How Do You Start A Company That Registers Web Sites? What Are The Elements Needed?


I am awed by companies that entice people to have a web sites, and allow them to handle “website thing”. What does it takes to start this kind of company?.

How Many Small Businesses Have Web Sites In United States?


I am evaluating the size of the small business web site marketplace for a new service which would be sold to web site owners. The SBA currently states that 99 percent of the 25 million companies in the US have less then 500 employees. I am looking for the best way to determine how many of these companies have web sites?

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Other Than Blogger What Are Good Blog Sites Teens Can Use?


I want to create a blog that has a creative layout like what you find on MySpace, but with more traffic. I’m not a fan of the Blogger site.
Any suggestions?

What Color Scheme Gets Your Attention On Web Sites?


Most web pages have a color scheme to them, what colors do you find most appealing? I like black background with white text and red links, how about you.

What Are The Most Popluar Blog Sites Besides WordPress And Blogspot?


I know about live journal but are there anymore besides these I would love to start a blog but I want to view my options first 🙂

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How Do I Make A Blog Badge That Other People Can Put On Their Sites For Advertising?


I want to make a badge that would act as a link that people could embed on their pages. Any other free form of blog advertisement would be appreciated as well….I’m not a computer wizard, so I would be grateful for dumbed-down explanations haha

Is Twitter, Facbook Or Other Social Network Sites Useless If You Have No Friends?


So i have no friends of anyone that would care to know what im doing with my life. So i haven’t bothered to sign up for twitter since it would seem kind of pointless.
Maybe im wrong though, is it still worth it to sign up if your friendless.

What Are Some Of The Best Web Sites To Find Tattoos In California?


I’m getting a new tattoo and i wanted to look at some art work, what are some best web sites to look at in california?

What Are The Best Blog Sites In Your Opinion And Why?


So I’m looking for a place to make a blog, and I’m wondering what you guys use or recommend! And the important why, Just a simple answer would be fine.