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What Web Site Shows Free Overseas Markets Quotes?


I’d like to follow overseas markets (FTSE, CAC, etc.) before the US markets open. Is there a web site that has major international indexes listed for free?

What Hosting Site (or Website) Is Best For Creating A Blog?


I had a blog on MSNSpaces but I haven’t updated in awhile and am looking to begin again. I’m looking for a good blog site that allows you to syndicate (publish to search engines) with your consent.

What Web Site Can I Use To Find Someone For Absolutely Free Without Having To Pay A Fee?


My fiance is trying to find her sons father because her son needs some medical history from his father.I have tried finding him in CT.but we don’t have the money to pay for the web sites that require a fee.His name is James Alfred Morgan,age 40 years and his birthdate is 08-07-1967.He was living in Danielson,CT. but we are not for sure.

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How Can I Set Up A Free Blog Site Of My Own?


Hi! I am wanting to set up a blog website about my Purse Party business. Does anyone know of a site that will let you do it for free that is easily located by other people? I’m wanting to do this to market my business.

I Write Recipes. Can I Use Same Recipes And Submit Them In Different Blog Site?


Say, I recently signed up in e-how and wanted to write how to make Chinese food. But I want to use the same recipe in my own blog. Is this okay?

How Can I Sign In To A Web Site To Modify It If I Have The Rights To Do So?


I want to add articles to a web page. I am given the user name and password to sign in as an administrator, but I don’t know where to start.

How Can I Create A Professional Looking Web Site For Little To No Money?


I need a small business web site for a local fine artist/illustrator. How can I get one on a small budget without using things like angelfire or myspace?

Web Site With Recipes For Easy, Healthy Take-along Lunch For Work?


I keep finding sack lunch web sites for kids, but that’s not quite what I’m looking for. I’m looking for quick, healthy ideas for things I can make ahead of time and pack easily for work – without having to spend a lot of money on pre-made food. I’m a single mom with 3 kids and I need to quit eating out so often!

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How Do I Start My Own Blog Or Site?


I am a Radio Presenter for a show at my Uni and i want up my game for publicity, and what seems to be the most popular thing to do with others is their own Blog or Site. So How do i do this?

What Is A Good Site To Get Good Myspace Blog Layouts?


i need a layout to put on my blog on myspace so that my blog won’t be so plain.