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How Can I Sign In To A Web Site To Modify It If I Have The Rights To Do So?


I want to add articles to a web page. I am given the user name and password to sign in as an administrator, but I don’t know where to start.

What Are Some Clever Ways To Sign Off At The End Of A Blog Entry?


I like to sign off my myspace blog with a short, but sweet little line like “rockin’ you like a tsunami” or “until next time, peace, love and tacos” but it’s kinda hard to think of new ones each time. Any suggestions? Thanks guys!

How Do I Remove An Unwanted Web Browser That Keeps Coming Up When I Sign Onto Firefox?


I have in inadvertently added my web search onto the fire fox engine and every time I start up the ie this search engine appears and I don’t want it.. How do i delete it?