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What Web Site Shows Free Overseas Markets Quotes?


I’d like to follow overseas markets (FTSE, CAC, etc.) before the US markets open. Is there a web site that has major international indexes listed for free?

With The New Facebook Is There A Certain Area On The Home Page That Shows Your Friends Birthdays?


On the old facebook homepage it was on the right side, it had the dates coming up and the frinds that had the birthday on that day?
I dont see it with the new facebook. Is there an area still, or is it gone?

What Is The Web Site That Shows All Planes In The Air In Us?


I just saw the web address on CNN Headline News O/A 9:50 am EDT and now I have forgotten it!

I Twitter From Twitterfon But It Shows I Am Twittering From The Web?


I recently checked the standard twitter on my computer rather than using twitterfon on my iPhone like I normally do. And rather than saying that I twittered from twitterfon is said that they were sent from the ” web”. Does anyone know why this is or how to change it?