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How Can I Show My Entire Blog Entry On My Multiply Front Page?


Like when I open my multiply site, I want my entire blog entry to be shown not just the summary. Please Help.. Thanks!

How Do You Always Show Friends On Facebook?


I did this once before, but now I forgot how to.
How do you make it so that certain friends are always shown on your facebook profile?

How Do I Show The Blog Entries On Myspace?


Can y’all give me the code to show my blog entries
on myspace. My layout kinda made it disappear. =/

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How Can I Show The Entry Dates Of My Old 360 Blog?


I moved my blog from 360 to the new profile. Everything is fine. But the entry dates disappeared. Is there a way to get them back?

Everytime My Cousins Blog Is Updated, The Contents Show Up In My Myspace Status. How Do I Unlink The Two?


There is a site that lists a bunch of social networks and links them to your blog. I entered in my myspace info, but now I want to remove it, or at least stop it from changing my status.

How Do You Show Who You Are Following On Twitter?


On my Twitter it doesn’t show the little thumbnails of who I am following, how do I make it show them?

On A Facebook Profile, What Determines Which Friends Will Show In The 6 Friends Spaces?


You know how on people’s facebook profiles underneath their profile picture and information, there is usually six friends shown? Well, what determines who is shown? Is it just random, or is it people that have looked at your profile recently?

Facebook: How Do I Get Status Updates From My Group Page To Show Up On My Member’s Wall?


I’m running a group on Facebook for a club in my school. I want to post status updates that inform members about meetings and other info to show up on their wall. How do I do that?

How Do I Get My Blog Post To Show On Another Website?


I’m trying to get my blogger blog to show on another website when I update.I have a feedburner but,I don’t know how to use it.I don’t know anything about these things.

How Can I Show The Latest Article Of My Blogger Blog On A Different Site´s Home Page?


Hi I am trying to preview articles from blogger on a separate site, where the most recent article would show up and could link to the blog itself. I have googled enough and read about rss. I can code html, xml etc. I would really appreciate any help