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What Should I Make A Group For On Facebook, And How Can I Get People To Become Fans Or Join The Group?


I really want to make a group on Facebook, but I don’t know what to make it for. Can you help me think of something to make a group about? And can you give me some tips on how to get people to notice it and join or become a fan.

How Should I Transfer My Yahoo 360 Blog ?


I have many entries in my yahoo 360 blog account and I would like to transfer them to a new space – is it possible to do that on yahoo? Could I also save the original date / time of the posts?
Thank you so much!

How And Why Should I Put A Sitemap In My WordPress Blog?


Is their any value in adding a site-map to a blog. Will it get me better recognition on web search tools?

Should I Start A Blog Or Website For Addiction/recovery Related Information?


We have learned a great deal about recovering from narcotic addiction and have found several methods that work well. This is information drug treatment programs would not want out since it would cause them to lose a large number of patients. Would it be better to start with a blog or a website? We eventually hope to make this into an alternative business that would help people get of methadone clinics. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as there is a dire need for this information. Thank you.

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I Have A Small Business – Should I Start A Twitter Account Using The Business Name Or My Personal Name?


I am a bit of a shy person so my first instinct would be to use the business name. The purpose of having Twitter is to build up a list of followers who I can hopefully convert into blog followers for my business blog.
Which should I choose?

What Title Should I Use For My Business Cards And Blog?


I’ll be printing up some business cards and starting a blog soon. I don’t know what title I should give myself as an internet writer. I couldn’t find much on the internet. So ladies and gentlemen, I need your help!
Which sounds best:
Internet writer
online writer
I’d appreciate your help greatly!

I Found A Blog Site Trashing About An Executive In My Company. What Should I Do?


The executive is actually my boss’s boss. I am not saying the contents on the site are not true (I simply don’t know!) It seems that the blog is started by someone within the company. Based on the viewing history, I don’t think anyone in the company knows about it yet. What should I do? Should I tell my executive? Some of the contents are personal and can be quite hurtful. Please help!

How Should Newspaper Monetize Their Online Content? Is It Fair To Use Their Content On Twitter Or Facebook?


These days different people and web portals just pick the news clipping and put on different websites like Facebook and twitter without the permission of actual content owner and in some cases earn money from someone else’s content. Actual content owners (in this case news papers spend so much money to get the actualy content and their content is used by someone else without any extra benefit to them.

How Often Should You Write New Things In Your Blog?


How often should you write new things in your blog? I guess the obvious answer seems to be as often as you can. But if today you write something very long and “serious”, do you need to take a rest so that your readers can have time to digest before reading a new item?

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What Kind Of Articles Or Content Should I Write So That My Blog Becomes Very Famous?


I want to start a new blog for commercial purpose. My sole aim is to earn money through google adsense programme. But for that i need to have a popular blog first. I am good at writting but not able to decide what to write. Can u give me some examples of topics which are popular and readers would love to read that?