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How Do I Share A Blog Post From Blogger On Facebook If There’s No Icon?


I found this great blog post on Blogger and I want to share it on Facebook, but the little icon is gone. I shared a post from this blog a few days ago and the icon was there, but now it’s not. This blog post is older, so I don’t know if that is making the difference or not. Is there another way to share it without having to copy and paste the link?

Thomas Hoefter

What Is The Best & Easiest Way To Set Up A Blog To Share Cooking Recipies & Invite Others To Enter Their Own?


I want to set up a blog for my mom so she can enter her recipies that can be shared by our family members. I also want to make the blog flexible enough such that other family members can also enter their own favorite recipes, rather than just comment on her entries.
Ideally, I’d like to be able to create some top-level categories, and then for each new blog entry, have some sort of a template.
Any help would be much appreciated.