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I Write Recipes. Can I Use Same Recipes And Submit Them In Different Blog Site?


Say, I recently signed up in e-how and wanted to write how to make Chinese food. But I want to use the same recipe in my own blog. Is this okay?

Web Site With Recipes For Easy, Healthy Take-along Lunch For Work?


I keep finding sack lunch web sites for kids, but that’s not quite what I’m looking for. I’m looking for quick, healthy ideas for things I can make ahead of time and pack easily for work – without having to spend a lot of money on pre-made food. I’m a single mom with 3 kids and I need to quit eating out so often!

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Need A Web Site That Has Scalable Recipes?


I am starting a catering business and I need a web site that has a lot of recipes (would prefer recipes for dishes from all over the world) that are both accurate and scalable.
One day I may be making something for 10 people and the next day may be in the hundreds.
If such a web site does not exist(?) is there some type of stand alone software I can get to scale recipes?
I want to make a huge data base of recipes to draw from and they all need to be scalable some how?

My Friend Wants His Recipes Put Up In A Recipe Blog. Any Suggestions?


I was blown away tonight by ‘Billy’s turmeric tofu surprise’. I suggested he put his original recipes up in a blog to refer to them later on, rather than a recipe box. Any chefs out there have an example of a good recipe blog template, e.g offered by myspace or yahoo or google that would fit the bill? Thanks in advance!

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What Is A Good Web Site That Has Good Recipes For Raw Foods?


I don’t want susi or meat recipes I am looking for vegetarian recipes only so if you know of a good web site that is dedicated to raw foods I would appriciate it. Thanks in advance.