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How Is A New Web Programming Language Written ?


I’m wondering how programmers develop new web programming languages because I want to learn how everything begins from the start. Let’s say I’m planning to write a new language for the Web. How do I do this? Is there anyone who knows about the way web programming languages first appear ? I’m asking these questions because I’m particularly interested in the World Wide Web.

How Can I Learn Web Database Programming?


I am very interested in incorporating databases into web design, which I understand is possible with PHP or MySQL. I am planning to learn about these languages, but wondering if there are additional studies in more traditional languages that I need to do first. I have worked a lot with HTML in the past, and also studied Pascal, Visual Basic, and C++ (the latter two for a year in college each).
Any ideas for what I should brush up on before taking the plunge into the new(ish) languages?

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