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A Web Site Based Around Automatic Email Updates Of Flight Prices?


I was told of a web site that is based around monitoring the prices of available flights for a user, who just gives the site their email address and destinations they are interested in flying to (and a preferred price?), then as the web site monitors different company’s flight prices, it automatically emails the user with information about this available and cheap flight.
The problem is though, that I don’t know what the web address is, or any part of the site’s name. So does anyone know this web site?
It sounded like an independent web site, not an airline’s site.

What Is The Best Web Site Or Printing Shop To Get High Quality Photos With Low Prices?


I am a new photographer working for my first real photoshoot and selling the prints after wards. I’ve always gone to Sam’s or from a web site for getting prints from my shoot. I don’t think Sam’s is the best place for getting the best prints. I’m looking for a good website or printing shop that gives me the highest quality photos with a low price. Any suggestions?