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How Can I Prevent Others From Seeing My Friends List In Facebook?


How can i prevent others from seeing infromation about me in facebook, although i choose ‘only friends’ to these information??????

Can People Find My Twitter Account If They Know My Email Address? Can I Prevent This?


I have a Twitter account using an old email address that I don’t really want people I knew from ages ago stumbling across. Is there way a to change my settings so that I’m not searchable by email address?

How Do You Prevent Facebook From Automatically Clearing Your Status After One Week?


Recently Facebook has begun to clear my status automatically after it has been in place for one week. Are there any settings that I can adjust so that only I can clear my status?


Emails To Yahoo Groups Deletes Web Links And Attachments. How Do I Prevent Such Things From Being Deleted?


I occasionally need to forward e-mails that contain links to web pages to a yahoo groups e-mail. However, when the e-mail goes out all links and images get deleted by yahoo. Help!

Does Hiding Your Myspace Of Facebook Profile Prevent Others From Finding It In A Search Engine?


I recently googled myself and found some online things that I don’t neccesarily want shared, in the process I noticed neither my Facebook nor Myspace came up.
Could it be that making your page private on myspace and only allowing only your networks on Facebook to see your page hide it from becoming available in search engines?

How To Prevent Facebook Pictures With Me Included From Being Seen By Others?


What should I do if I don’t want my pictures posted by my friends to be seen by anybody (including my friends on facebook)? Please don’t tell me that I have directly contact my friends. Thank you in advance for your reply!

How To Prevent A Friend List In My Facebook To See My Profile Posts?


Even though i didn’t want it, the guys in my company added me to their facebook. I had to accept those useless guys.
I created a new friend list for them and added them to that list.
I don’t want the people in this list to see my facebook posts, actions.
How can i make a privacy setting for them so they won’t see my posts?
I have an app on facebook. I have to use it 🙁