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How Do I Share A Blog Post From Blogger On Facebook If There’s No Icon?


I found this great blog post on Blogger and I want to share it on Facebook, but the little icon is gone. I shared a post from this blog a few days ago and the icon was there, but now it’s not. This blog post is older, so I don’t know if that is making the difference or not. Is there another way to share it without having to copy and paste the link?

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For Best Seo Is It Better To Start A New Post In A Blog?


In the same blog is it better to start a new Post and continuing & add more info with the same post? Thanks.

Is It Legal To Post Pictures From An Official Movie Website Onto A Blog?


I’m writing a story about the Dark Knight for a marketing agency’s blog and need to find out if I can use pictures directly from the Dark Knight website.
For my own site I wouldn’t care, but they are worried about legal issues.

How Do I Post A Song On A Blogger Blog Post?


I am a singer/songwriter and I post up a song on my blog post once a week. Well, I post up a song on another place and then link to it because I cannot find how to post up a single, non-auto play song on a blog post. Please, please help!

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How Do I Post Pictures To My Facebook Account, Without Posting Them On Everyones Wall?


I’m wanting to upload a set of pictures onto my facebook account. I don’t want them posted to every “friend’s” wall. I just want them under my pics so anyone can see. I am guessing this is a settings issue, I just don’t know what settings to change. Thanks in advance.

How Do I Figure Out How To Post A Pic In My Blog? What Are The Tags For The Width And Height?


Im trying to figure out what the tags are to post a pic in my blog.

How Do You Add A Click Herer To Read Rest Of The Story On Your Blog On A Post?


I want to make a post, but I don’t want it to be too long. I would like to be able to make a link where people can click it and it will show them the rest of the post on the same blog. Kind of like Kanye’s blog. I don’t need flash or anything.

How To Remove A Blog Post Frm Search Engine?


I posted an entry with my cell number on blogger, and have since removed my cell number from the blog entry. Problem is, my number still comes up frm the search engines. Pls help:(

How Can I Post Layout Codes Into My Myspace Blog To Make A Layout Site?


I make my own layouts for my myspace and my friends’ myspace. I wanted to try to make a myspace layout site. I’ve tryed 3 times and have failed. My problem is figuring out how to post the layout codes into the blog. Everytime I post them it messes up and the codes for the layout won’t work. Any suggestions?

Rss? How Do I Publish A WordPress Blog And Have It Automatically Publish The Same Post On Myspace’s Blog?


I want to have it so when I post on my blog at WordPress, it will automatically post the same blog on my MySpace page. I know there is a way to do this with forums and bulletin boards – posting on WordPress and having it show up in the forums.
How can I do this on MySpace or Facebook?
Thank you so much in advance!

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