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How Do I Get A Song That I Have Purchased To Play On My Blog?


I purchased the song from Jukebox. But if I highlight a word on my page in order to create a link to play the song, I don’t know what URL to put down. I don’t know where to find the song except when I open Jukebox to actually play it. Maybe this is not the best way to get the song on my blog. What should I do?

How To Make Videos Play In A Myspace Blog?


I’m trying to add a youtube video into a myspace blog (without folks having to click the link, I just want it to BE there).
I’ve tried using the embed code and the URL and neither works. The URL just shows the link (duh, I know) and the embed code comes up as just a big blank spot when I post it. (the code is visible during editing, but the finished product is empty)
It’s not just the video, because I’ve tried it with several different ones.
Any suggestions?

How Can I Get Files From A Music Blog To Play In A Separate Window Rather Than Opening Windows Media Player?


Up until recently, a i used to be able to listen to a song on a music blog by clicking on the link and it would open a new tab to play in…now it opens my windows media player and plays it that way. im sure how this happened but i dont like the fact Windows media player is opening everytime. (not sure if it helps any, but i have windows xp)

What Would Romeo Write In A Blog Before The Concluding Tragedy Of The Play?


ifs for my english project. i need some idea about what he would write in a blog (like on myspace). im not exactly sure what he would write. any ideas?

How Do You Play With Facebook Privately Without Letting Anyone Receive Any Status Updates?


Let’s say you are bored at work and you want to get on Facebook, but your boss is on your friends list. You don’t want your boss to get a status update of your drunken photos from your birthday party or the sub machine gun you just picked up in Mafia Wars. How do you do that?